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independent. caring. compassionate.

Sisters of St Anne

Congregation of the Sisters of St Anne a diocesan institute founded in year 1927 by Grace Gordon Smith.

The opportunity to serve others has been the major motivation. They have been able to achieve this as part of a modern community of friendly and supportive nuns.

The Sisters are women who have taken vows to commit themselves to Christian values, taking vows of obedience, poverty and celibacy, living a life in the Community. They wish to live a life both spiritual and practical, which drives them to serve the sick, the older person and the less fortunate in our society. Through this practical care the love of Christ is shared.

The Sisters of St Anne have served the Lord by teaching catechesis to all ages.

The Sisters have worked with the poor and the homeless, as well as those in distress. They have a home for the elderly and have also been involved in music, liturgy and numerous parish tasks.

The Sisters have worked in a distinct role in religious formation and catechesis, bringing both the old and the young to Christ, preparing them for Baptism and Confirmation.

Talks have been given, instruction and Bible study whilst also contributing in words and music to the Liturgy of the Church.

Together in community, the Sisters recite the Daily Office, the Prayer of the Church and attend Mass daily. They also participate in an annual retreat.

Sisters all have holidays and enjoy feasts days and festivals, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, as well as enjoying the social life of the parish.

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