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What to consider when moving into a care home?

Decisions based on your individual circumstances are required, it would be useful to consider the following:

  • The location of a care home. Would there be a preference to be near family and friends? Are there shops, leisure or educational facilities in the area? Is the area noisy?
  • Will¬†the care home meet specific religious, ethnic or cultural needs? Will the correct diet be provided? Will the appropriate language be spoken? Will there be opportunities to participate in religious activities?
  • Is the care home you’re looking at focused on the individual needs of residents and concerned to provide for those needs? Or do they¬†insist that residents adapt to a particular routine?
  • What contacts with the community does the care home have? What arrangements are there for visitors? Can residents come and go as they please, as far as it is safe to do so? Are staff able to help residents to go out? Are outings arranged?
  • What involvement would you have in the care home? How would you communicate with staff? Are there any support groups or regular meetings?
  • If safety and security are issues for the person you’re looking after, what arrangements or supervision can the care home provide?
  • When you are choosing accommodation it may be a lifelong decision, so you may want to consider planning for end of life care.